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New entry!The Sermon on the Mount - Part 12/16 - Overcoming Worry
Author: David PackerClick here to get further informations
Location: IBC Stuttgart, International Baptist Church, Untere Waldplätze 38, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen - Sunday Morning Service (2nd Service)
Passage: Matthew 6, 25-34
Language: english
Category: Service
Keywords: Each of us knows the reality of worry. Even the calmest and most level-headed among us will, from time to time, have sleepless nights due to worry. One in five adults today have some type of emotional anxiety disorder. And no wonder, since we are bombarded daily with forecasts of doom and gloom from the news media. Coupled with that is the reality of life today, and the dismantling of the age-old social institutions of marriage and home, which are intended to give support and stability. The pace of life today often competes with the peace of life. We live hectic, harried lives - fragmented, overly committed, too busy, with fractured relationships - it's no wonder there is so much anxiety. But worry has always been a part of the human condition, and Christ addressed it in his sermon on the mount. Worry is not some harmless concern about bad things that may or may not happen. Worry is one of those bad things itself. To live daily in worry is to live in defeat. Worry impacts us physically, emotionally, relationally, professionally, and spiritually. Worry is defeated through faith in God and in his love for us. Where there is much faith, there is little worry. Where there is much worry, there is little faith. If you would like to conquer worry, Christ gives us a solution. Pastor David Packer
Date/Time: 21.10.2018
Duration: 35:44
ID: 31095
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