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Title: The Way of Righteousness
Author: Various
Language: farsi (persian, Iran)
Category: Book
Keywords: Lesson 1: God Has Spoken! Lesson 2: What Is God Like? Lesson 3: Satan And The Angels, Lesson 4: How God Made The World, Lesson 5: Why God Created Man, Lesson 6: Adam And Eve And the Garden Of Paradise, Lesson 7: How Sin Entered The World, Lesson 8: What Adam's Sin Produced, Lesson 9: The Wonderful Promise, Lesson 10: Cain and Abel: The Way Of Sacrifice, Lesson 11: Unrepentant Cain, Lesson 12: The Prophet Enoch, Lesson 13: The Prophet Noah: God's Patience And Wrath, Lesson 14: Noah And The Great Flood, Lesson 15: Noah And The Faithfulness Of God, Lesson 16: The Tower Of Babel, Lesson 17: Review Of The Beginning, Lesson 18: Why God Called Abraham, Lesson 19: Abraham, God's Friend, Lesson 20: Abraham And Ishmael
Date/Time: 2010
Pages: 622
ID: 25338
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